Smoke Barbecue Sheffield

Around the fire pit with warm honesty

Set at ground floor level of the iconic “Cheese Grater” car park building of Saint Paul’s Place in the heart of Sheffield centre, Smoke Barbecue Sheffield is the first of a new smoked food restaurant. With the smoking process and the live fire pit in full display, together with a strong use of natural, raw, recycled and local materials, the space expresses a warm transparency and honesty, which is a direct reflection of the personalities of the owners and their dream. The design responds to the brief given to create a non-fuss, warm and welcoming space where people could enjoy getting their fingers dirty with their smoked food, whilst being part of the experience of the smoking process, the same way one would seat with friends around a barbecue.

  • Year2014
  • LocationSheffield
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We have been working with Koldo and his team for some time now and are absolutely delighted with the quality of their designs and high level of service they provide. The nature of our projects means that design and requirement often change at the last hour, however Koldo&Co always go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results.


Photography by Fiona Walker Photography