Smoke Barbecue Glasgow

A moodier yet shimmering Smoke

Smoke Glasgow was the third restaurant we opened of the much loved Smoke Barbecue brand we originally created for Smoke Sheffield. Some of the key design elements of the brand, such as the rough finishes, our custom designed light fitting or the unique bar frontage made out of metal cages filled with local pebbles, remained on Smoke Glasgow, however as we did with the other two previous Smoke restaurants, we incorporated new elements that relate to it’s location and their local culture and folklore to give this new restaurant its own personality. Smoke Glasgow is moodier yet shimmering.

  • Year2017
  • LocationGlasgow
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Once again Koldo and his team have delivered a truly unique Smoke Barbecue new venue and provide us with their excellent full services. Although it feels warmly familiar to us and our customers, which was paramount to us and our brand, we feel we are in a brand new Smoke and we are loving it.


Photography by Andy Bell Photography