Lady O

The idea of creating a dressing table where one could sit and slow down, reflect, get ready either to face the outside world or to fall into Morpheus’ arms, was born with the intention of bringing back a sense of richness to our daily rituals. A compact design piece, that takes little space but provides us with an escape of the rigours of daily life.

Dressing or Vanity tables have been seen in the past as symbols of social status, wrapped up with notions of beauty, love and vanity itself. And over time they have simply disappeared from our homes’ furniture selections. We approached the design of the Lady O not as a symbol of social status, or simply vanity but as the perfect piece to allocate time and space to the daily routine of getting ready.

The Lady O is formed by three very distinctive parts, each with distinctive geometrical forms, elegantly coming together to form a playful minimal design with rich and warm materials. Manufactured in London by our skilful joinery team, it can accommodate custom finishes to compliment your home.

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