Design is poetic, a song sung in the light cast from a skylight. Lyrical in detail; in corners and in the framing of spaces.

Looking out onto the first snowfall on a cold February morning. Opening up the windows on the first day of summer. Spaces made to be functional, practical, ingenious and beautiful.

I grew up in one of the first Koldo&Co. projects, a space bespoke to my family. A space that expands and contracts with the moving out of children, visiting friends, evenings in the garden with a book and morning coffee.

View of rear two storey oak extension
View of rear two storey oak extension

10 years on and the house is still as bespoke to us as it was the day we moved in. It may have dents in the stairwell wall where I slipped and skidded running in from the rain, if you look close enough there’s acrylic paint on the walls from forays into a career as an artist, the office is more a den than a space to work, there are funny marks on the deck where a power washer was used more enthusiastically than it needed to be. However – the house was crafted for that.

Design is poetic, our space tells our story, it holds memories and mementos, lives are marks on the walls, the shoes by the door, the battered ends of books left out, the coats thrown over the coat chair, in the copious pictures shared of the dog.

Scout photobombing Anneke&Koldo in deep conversation, summer 2017

Rebranding Koldo&Co

Beginning the rebrand of Koldo&Co. It became apparent that I am embarking on the same journey Koldo and his team. Looking to create something bespoke that will grow and enrich with time.

Initially I looked to Navy. To me the eponymous colour that makes up 90% of his wardrobe, the rich blue of the sea in his chosen home of Brighton. Cheeky, yet serious; the navy we decided upon was crafted with a collection of different blues alongside some Rioja. Why use water to mix paint when you could use wine. Fusing navy with gold. Elegant and playful. Looking to articulate the laid back charm that Koldo exudes.

Anneke's design process capture
Anneke's design process capture

Crafting a new identity alongside Koldo that infuses the brand with excitement, a boost of newness to herald in the next chapter, giving the house of Koldo&Co. a new lick of navy paint.

Working alongside Koldo, bringing into the team Gary on the website and Stefan with Photography; the history of the brand and those who work alongside Koldo is woven into the forward thinking future of the brand. A new identity that expresses the familial nature of the way the team function, giving something to the team that crafted something so meaningful to me.

Anneke Hanegraaf